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Public Releases

The most current release of the HOME project is 0.1.1.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Release v 0.1.1 is a Demo and Development Release Only! In it's current state, HOME should not be used in a production-level environment.

All release downloads are hosted by Sourceforge's public download servers. Each link below will send you to a list of mirrors where you can download the file. For instructions on how to compile/install, please visit the ReadMe page on the Project Wiki, or read the README file included with each file.

Design Paper

For their Senior Project, two of the development team members analyzed, and wrote a paper on the underlying design of HOME. They were also the ones responsible for most of the underlaying design decisions. The paper is provided here in hopes that it will help other developers to fully understand the design of HOME. Developers who are already familiar with Java Technology and MVC, as well as developers who have never heard of MVC will also find this paper helpful.

The HOME Design Paper provided here is (c) Copyright 2003 by Jonathan Corbin and James Hurne. You may copy and distribute this paper as long as you provide proper recognition and credit to the authors.