HOME's Home

Welcome to the home of the Habitat Open Management Engine Project! The HOME Project is a project to develop a database application for Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the United States. HOME will help Habitat affiliates track information pertaining to local Habitat homeowners. Specifically, HOME will track the mortgages of each homeowner, and tracks other important homeowner information. It is our hope that such a database application will relieve Habitat affiliate office staff much of the tedious labor possibly involved with their current system. HOME will also improve the quality, quantity, and usability of homeowner information.

Each Habitat for Humanity affiliate adds to Habitat For Humanity's primary mission of ridding the world of substandard housing. It is the belief of Habitat for Humanity that everyone in the world deserves a decent place to live. Through volunteers,they build houses and sell them at affordable, interest-free mortgages to people in need. The database application will help Habitat affiliates track information about current homeowners, future homeowners, and the mortgages which they are responsible for. You can learn more about Habitat for Humanity by visiting www.habitat.org.

If you are a Habitat for Humanity Affiliate, and you think you would benefit from HOME, drop the project administrator an email, and let him know that you are interested.

Otherwise, to learn more about HOME, please visit our about page. If you would like to download HOME, please visit our download page, or if you would like to join the HOME development team, go to the join page.

To learn more about Open Source software, visit the Open Source Initiative website at www.opensource.org, and/or the GNU website at www.gnu.org

The HOME Project is hosted on Sourceforge.net. Our Project Summary is available at http:/sourceforge.net/projects/habitat/. Many HOME Project resources are available there, including instructions on how to get anymous CVS access to our CVS repository (if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it).